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Seo expert and Web designer in #kanpur up India

Last updated: March 25th, 2023

Last updated: March 25th, 2023

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Seo expert and Web designer in #kanpur up India

SEO is the process of enhancing a website to better the chances it ranking highly in the search engines. You must know what is the search engine like Google, Bing is the whole search engine

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of enhancing a website to better the chances of it ranking highly in the search engines. What many people often do not know about Search Engine Optimization is that the goal is not to create a perfect site, but to create a site that is less imperfect than the competition. All else being equal, the search engine should see the optimized site as more relevant. This is not necessarily because the optimized site is of a higher design aesthetic or is more functional than its competition, but rather because it highlights the positives and eliminates as many negatives as possible.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

SEO is the full form of Search Engine Optimization. You must know what is the search engine like Google, Bing is the whole search engine. In which we search on any of our related topics when we search in any search engine and if we find a result on that topic, there are Organic Traffic which is very important for our website and blog any website Or Organic Traffic is very important to bring more traffic to the blog because this is the only way your blog or website ranks on the first page for several days and In other ways, if you bring traffic, then it is temporary. For people who come to your website with the help of that link for a few days, we have to do SEO to bring our website or blog to Organic Traffic on our website and blog. More people come from

SEO has a direct meaning to optimize your website or blog in search engines

How to SEO your website or blog

There are many things that we can optimize in our search engine in our blog or website, keeping in mind the following are some of the important things.

You will have to write good content quality within your website or blog, so that the user who reads your content does not have any problem, look at the design of your website or blog, and look absolutely clean, which means that your user can view and read your website. Look good

You are writing a blog on any keyword (which means which article you are typing an article on which topic), you will need to use that keyword in the heading of your article and the middle of the article, as we will see in this post What Is Seo In Hindi, our keyword is used in the middle of the headings and in the middle of the article.

You must use the image inside your article and use the ALT tag for the image using the alt tag to optimize the Image Search Engine alt = "type keyword"! You can use Visual content such as Images and Videos inside your article.

Use the hyperlink inside the blog, that is, link to another post in this post too! As you have seen, you are reading an article and written in the middle of that article; Read also the best way to earn money online!

Make a blog or website backlink more! Backlinks are incoming links to any webpage. When a website is linked to any other webpage, it is called a Backlink.

What are the types of SEO?

There are two types of SEO.

On-Page SEO: This means that you work on your site to get a better rank in the search engine such as Content, Heading, Alt Tag, Internal Link, Post Url, Title Tag, Website Navigation, Content Quality, Keyword Optimization, Title, Tags, etc

Off-page SEO: In this, you do mostly Link Building Activities like Forums, Social Media Sharing, Promotion, Guest Posting, Directory submission, Bookmark, Classified Submission, Question and Answer Site, Blog comments, etc.

SEO is a very huge theme. It is so important that there are many people and companies who offer SEO Services. And do it like a business. If you want to make your blog successful, then SEO can help you a lot. For any website to be successful, 70% to 80% is Traffic Organic

Web Designing and Web Development

Web Design is the process of creating an online presence for an individual, group, school, business, government, or other entity. Web Design has evolved over the years from simple HTML to complex processes and scripts such as Ajax, Javascript, XML, PHP, and MySQL. While there are many options to build a website, taking the time to have a well-thought-out, well-designed, and well-marketed website is a proven path to success.


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