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How to Buy Cryptocurrency 2023

Last updated: April 4th, 2023

Last updated: April 4th, 2023

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How to Buy Cryptocurrency 2023

Buying Cryptocurrency is legal in some countries and illegal in some countries. While some countries have proposed regulations for it. Is buying crypto really falls under any age criteria? Let's find out.

Buying crypto is legal in some countries and illegal in some countries. While some countries have proposed regulations for it. Is buying crypto really falls under any age criteria? Let's find out.

Crypto buy under 18 provides a variety of benefits and educational opportunities. Minors can gain valuable financial knowledge and skills by learning about these digital assets. It can assist minors in developing critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

They need to be familiar with how technology operates, how to use different platforms and exchanges, and how to assess and manage risk. By doing this, they can develop their ability to think critically, analyze data, and come to wise judgments.

This article will outline the steps for opening a bitcoin investing account for a person under the age of 18. We will also go over how to buy crypto under 18 is a good idea, as well as what kind of investment to make, which exchanges accept investments from minors and the advantages of making long-term crypto investments.

Future generations will need to understand and use cryptocurrencies as the world becomes more digital and networked, and young people who start now will have a unique advantage.

When attempting to purchase cryptocurrencies as a minor, it's crucial to review the terms and conditions of each platform as well as the applicable local laws and regulations.

Can you buy crypto under 18?

The minimum age requirement to purchase cryptocurrencies is 18 in most jurisdictions. Yet, there might be certain exceptions in some nations or regions where the minimum or maximum age to purchase cryptocurrencies is lower or greater.

It is significant to note that before users may purchase or sell cryptocurrencies on many cryptocurrency exchanges' platforms, they must present identification documents to prove their identity and age. Hence, even if cryptocurrency is permitted in their area, it could be challenging for people who are younger than the legal age to purchase it.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

Age Limit





13 under parents’ guidance

















Note: The age limit for all the listed exchanges is 18 years or older. Please note that age limits may vary based on the jurisdiction and country of the user, and users should always check with their local laws and regulations before using any cryptocurrency exchange.

Types of Investment Accounts

Custodial Accounts: Until the minor reaches the age of majority, an adult oversees managing their Custodial Accounts on their behalf. The adult has the authority to manage the account and make investment decisions, but the minor is the owner of the assets in the account. Stocks, mutual funds, and cryptocurrency are just a few of the investments that can be kept in custodial accounts.

529 Plans: Investment accounts made expressly for paying for higher education. They come with tax advantages, and the funds in the account may be utilized for eligible educational costs including tuition, board, and textbooks. The recipient is often a minor who will be enrolled in college or another suitable educational institution, and the account is maintained by an adult.

Joint Brokerage Account: Using a joint brokerage account, two or more people can combine their money and invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) at the same time. Joint account holders, who are frequently spouses or business partners, are equally accountable for the account's management and investment choices.

This can be useful for people who want to collaborate on investment decisions and have quick access to the same account information. The fact that each account holder is likewise accountable for any losses or debts incurred in the account must be noted. Thus, it is essential to build confidence and open lines of communication among joint account holders.

Steps for opening a bitcoin investing account.

Even though it could be simple to set up a cryptocurrency investment account for minors, it's vital to remember that doing so can be dangerous and volatile. Before investing, it is crucial to conduct your homework and comprehend any prospective risks.

1. Make sure to select an account that matches your investment objectives

Some investment accounts may have limitations on the cryptocurrencies that can be exchanged. Before making any investment decisions, always seek the advice of knowledgeable people, parents, or guides.

2. Select a competent investment platform.

Find a trustworthy investment site that permits children to invest in cryptocurrencies. Coinbase, Gemini, and BlockFi are some of the well-known platforms. Before choosing a platform, make sure to investigate its prices, security measures, and reputation.

3. Assemble the relevant paperwork.

To start a custodial investment account for your child, you must give some personal and financial information. This includes the social security number, birth certificate, and address verification for your child. As the account's adult custodian, you must also give your personal information.

4. Settle the account.

You can fund your account with cash or a cryptocurrency once it has been approved. Check the terms and conditions before making a deposit because some platforms can have minimum deposit requirements.

5. Start investing.

You can begin investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum after financing the account. Understanding the hazards of investing in cryptocurrencies is crucial, as is having a diverse portfolio to reduce risk.

6. Keep an eye on and handle the account.

Keep a close eye on the account and make any required adjustments to your investments. It's crucial to teach your child proper investing techniques and to have open contact with them about the account.

How to buy crypto under 18?

Due to regulatory requirements and limitations, purchasing bitcoins as a minor can appear difficult. Yet, there are several legal ways for children to purchase cryptocurrency.

Using Bitcoin ATMs, which are readily accessible in many nations, is one approach. Like standard ATMs, these deposit money into your bitcoin wallet rather than accessing your bank account. Even credit and debit cards are accepted at some ATMs.

Peer-to-peer (P2P) exchanges are an additional choice because they enable cryptocurrency investors to conduct business directly with one another without the aid of a centralized intermediary. Compared to established exchanges, these platforms often have fewer restrictions, although using P2P exchanges requires caution.

The usage of decentralized exchanges (DEXs) is another way for minors to purchase cryptocurrency. DEXs are a safer choice for buying and selling cryptocurrencies because they use smart contracts to operate and don't hold customer funds.

Also, minors can make money with cryptocurrencies by working as freelancers or seeking part-time jobs in the IT and cryptocurrency sectors. Parents can also assist by contributing to their child's first cryptocurrency portfolio or academic programs.

Finally, gift cards containing bitcoin rather than fiat money are also available for purchase by minors. These electronic gift cards can be freely mailed and transferred around the entire world.

Ultimately, to prevent any legal or financial issues, children must approach buying cryptocurrencies with prudence and seek advice from reliable adults.

FAQs How to buy Cryptocurrency under 18

Can minors purchase cryptocurrencies legally?

The solution is determined by the laws of your nation or state. Minors may purchase cryptocurrencies legally in several locations with parental permission or oversight. The possession of cryptocurrencies by children may be prohibited in some jurisdictions.

What is the greatest method for buying cryptocurrency for minors?

With a custodial account or a shared account with a parent or legal guardian, minors can purchase cryptocurrency. Using a peer-to-peer marketplace that enables children to transact with adult supervision is an additional choice.

Can minors purchase cryptocurrencies via a parent's cryptocurrency account?

Sure, if they have permission and the account is a joint one, kids may use a parent's bitcoin account to make purchases.

Is it safe for minors to buy cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrency investment carries dangers, just like any other investment. Before making an investment, minors should investigate their options and make educated judgments. Users should also take care to safeguard the information on their accounts and safeguard themselves from fraud and scams.

What is the minimum investment amount for minors in cryptocurrency?

The amount of money required to invest in cryptocurrency is determined by the type of investment as well as the minimum investment requirements. Minors can begin with small sums and gradually increase their investment as they gain experience with the process.

Can minors buy cryptocurrency with a debit card?

Minors can buy cryptocurrency with a debit card if the card is linked to a joint account with a parent or legal guardian. Minors may be required to complete additional verification steps by some exchanges and platforms.

What is the procedure for minors purchasing cryptocurrency?

To purchase cryptocurrency as a minor, select a platform or exchange, create an account, verify identity, and account information, and fund the account using a linked bank account or debit card.

What are some trustworthy cryptocurrency exchanges for teenagers?

Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, and Gemini are some reputable cryptocurrency exchanges for minors. These exchanges provide minors with custodial accounts and other features.

What are the tax consequences of minors purchasing cryptocurrency?

When it comes to cryptocurrency, minors are subject to the same tax laws and regulations as adults. They may be required to report capital gains or losses on their tax returns and should seek advice from a tax professional.

How can parents or legal guardians assist minors in purchasing cryptocurrency safely?

Minors can buy cryptocurrency safely if their parents or legal guardians supervise their investments, teach them about risks and strategies, and monitor their account activity for signs of fraud or unauthorized transactions.

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