Hosting Meaning | Types of Hosting Services| Best Hosting Service Providers

The term Hosting is also known as Web Hosting or Website Hosting. Hosting or Web Hosting is the business of providing services to the consumers for serving, maintaining, and housing several files for websites.

Published: April 12th, 2021

Hosting Meaning | Types of Hosting Services| Best Hosting Service Providers

Hosting Meaning, Do you know about Hosting or what is Hosting Meaning? If no, then in this article we are going to give a piece of brief information about Hosting. We will discuss all the important terms related to Hosting including its types, working requirements, and top Hosting Service Providers in India. We will also discuss how you can get Free hosting Services for your website.

Hosting Meaning- Definition

The term Hosting is also known as Web Hosting or Website Hosting. Hosting or Web Hosting is the business of providing services to the consumers for serving, maintaining, and housing several files for websites. There are various Hosting provider Companies available that provide paid or free Hosting Services for websites.

Hosting Providers allocate space for websites on the Web Servers for storing website files over the internet. It means they are Hosting a Website. If we talk about web hosting, then it works to store the files found on every website available on the Internet, such as images, codes, videos, etc.

Web hosting provides bandwidth, RAM, uptime, and disk space for your website. Also stores all the hosted pages of the website on its server.


Types of Hosting

Whenever it comes to Hosting, there are various types of Web Hosting Services available in the market. Here we are going to discuss different types of Web Hosting services that all get different sites on the web servers. Every Web Hosting service depends on the size of the requirements of Websites. The different types of Web Hosting services are as follows-

1- Shared Hosting

2- Managed Hosting

3- Co-location Hosting

4- Cloud Hosting 

5- Dedicated Server Hosting

6- VPS or Virtual Private Server Hosting

1-Shared Hosting Service:

Shared hosting allows many websites to store a single web server. If you have started a new website, then shared hosting is the perfect option for you. In this shared hosting, all websites use the same server resources such as RAM, uptime, CPU, etc. The cost of such shared hosting services is much less than the other hosting services. That's why this shared hosting is the cheapest and best way to host a website in the beginning time.

In this shared hosting, you get many types of facilities such as email marketing, website building, WordPress hosting, etc. Shared hosting provides website owners a simple approach to their business in which you would have to share the services with many website owners. Shared hosting is most beneficial for websites that do not have a large amount of traffic.

2- Managed Hosting:

By the way, if you take any hosting online, then most of them are managed. All the companies providing hosting services provide many services like complete hardware and software setup, maintenance, technical support, patching, configuration, etc.

Along with this Companies provide all these facilities, and also keep an eye on the day-to-day management of provider hardware, operating systems, and standardized applications. If you want to host for your website, in which you can get all the facilities according to your requirement. So Managed Hosting Services is a plan through which you can fulfill all the requirements.

3- Co-location Hosting:

In colocation hosting, website data is kept in a colocation center instead of being kept in a web server. For this, in the colocation center, you have to rent space for your website where services like bandwidth, IP address, and cooling system are provided to your server. In colocation hosting, you get a high level of bandwidth facilities at a very low cost. In this, you have to take care of all the facilities provided like hardware, software and all the services yourself.

4- Cloud Hosting: 

Working multiple computers simultaneously and running web applications jointly using computing resources, comes under Cloud Hosting. Cloud Hosting is a type of Hosting which works with networking and along with this, It enables companies to consume technical resources through computing. Cloud hosting does not require website owners to build their computing infrastructure and maintain it. 

Cloud hosting is very scalable and makes a website grow over time. This is why cloud hosting is popular in the world of technology. The biggest advantage of cloud hosting services is that you only have to pay for the resources that you consume.

5- Dedicated Server Hosting:

Dedicated Server Hosting provides most control to the Website owner for their website over Web Server. In dedicated server hosting, the server is hired by the website owners exclusively for their website hosting. Because of which their website is stored only on that portal. This hosting service provides full root and administrator access to the website. In this Dedicated Server Hosting, you get complete control over the operating system along with security-related services.

Dedicated server hosting is the highest of all hosting services. The Dedicated hosting service is used for the website so that the website can be used for high-level traffic and have complete control over its server. Apart from this, special techniques are also needed for setting up and managing this dedicated server. 

6- VPS or Virtual Private Server Hosting:

VPS or Virtual Private Server Hosting is a special type of Hosting service that facilitates hosting the website within its location. However, virtual private hosting also shares the physical server with other users. This hosting service is highly friendly to the website and also provides them more storage. But even after this, this hosting service is not fully capable of using high traffic levels which has a direct impact on the website performance of the server.

A Virtual Private Hosting lies between the Share Server Hosting and a dedicated server Hosting. This VPS hosting service gives website owners more control over their websites. The biggest advantage of this Virtual Private Hosting is that it does not require a dedicated server.

List of Best Hosting Service Providers Companies 2021

Various companies provide Hosting Services for various purposes. Here is the list of Best Hosting Service Providers Companies. 


  • Hostinger - Rs. 59/month

  • Bluehost- Rs. 199/month

  • Hostgator- Rs. 99/month

  • A2 Hosting- Rs. 228/month

  • Siteground - $6.9/month

  • HostPapa- Rs. 199/month

  • iPage- $1.9/month

  • InMotion- $3.9/month

  • GreenGeeks-$2.95/month

  • Godaddy- Rs. 99/month



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